Rayven Lab


Turnaround Times & Rush Cases:

We have worked really hard to try and offer speedy case returns. Oftentimes this requires overtime and weekends.  In the past I have not charged a rush fee, but we are adding one in now. The charge for a rush case (any case inside the turnaround time) will be $50 per case. I have had some negative feedback about how we can’t rush cases, and comments about finding another lab that will. The reality is that we rush a lot of cases. We get asked at least 10 times a day if we can rush a case. We do rush stuff when we can, and oftentimes I work late to rush cases. I have worked chairside enough to know that patients wait until the day before vacation or wedding to make an appointment and expect magic. A rush fee is something you can pass on to your patients and let them decide how important it is. If we are able, we will rush the case.

To give us more flexibility in the lab and be able to handle real rush cases, I am going to extend our turnaround time on denture/partial finishes, crown, PMMA mockups, and fixed arches. See attached fee schedule for specifics. We will still do our wax try ins and rims in 5 working days but our finish will be 10 working days. We will start this policy in August 2022 but will not start charging for rush cases until September 1st, 2022 so offices can get used to the change.

Denture Materials:

Economy Denture: 3-5 year life

ZDent Economy Teeth

Self Cure Diamond D Acrylic

Basic Denture: 8 year life

Vita MFT Teeth

Heat Cure Diamond D Acrylic

Premium Denture: 10-12 year life

Mondial Teeth

Vita Excell Teeth

Heat Cure Diamond D Acrylic


3d Printing

We utilize a Form 2 printer to print many products.  Duplicate models, Implant Guides, Crown and Bridge model work, and night guards.  When things get slow we use it to print legos and toys for our kids, or coffee holders and cups for fun.  The future of dentistry is in 3d printing.

Form 2 printer


5 Axis Milling

Complicated cases need more than a chairside mill.  Many implant and bridge cases require a mill that can mill angles and retention for and exact fit.  Ever have a bridge from a 4 axis mill that will not seat?Roland-DWX-50-5-Axis-Dental-Milling-Machine

We also use our mill to make Acetal Based Partials.  These are an awesome balance between a metal and flexbase partial.  Tooth supported, but flexible enough to engage undercuts.  No ugly wires, just tooth colored clasps.Zirlux-Acetal-partial-denture-framework-1070x602

Other Hi Tech Advantages

Sirona MCXL- Fast Milling for Single units and Lithium Disilicatemcxl

Ineos x5 Robotic Scanner- We design straight from your impression, not from a poured stone model.  Increases accuracy and removes a step in production saving time and moneyineos impression scan

Web Portal- Online tracking and case management.

Design Flexibility-  Sirona Inlab Design Suite and Dental Wings.  We can accept most digital files.



Non-Metal Partial