We offer a full range of denture services, from Metal based partials, flexible partials, and full dentures. We have years of experience incorporating numerous implant systems into our dentures and can offer almost any product you need.


We offer 3 different grades of dentures. Our Basic and Premium dentures both use Diamond D acrylic. The major difference is the teeth used in each product. Our basic denture is made with MFT denture teeth from Vita. They should last 5-8 years. Our premium dentures are made with mondial teeth and should last 10-12 years.  

Our economy dentures are typically made with NSP teeth from Zahn. We use a variety of materials for the base, depending on how the impression is captured. If you would like more information and training, contact us, and we will walk you through your first case or visit the complete denture timeline for a recommended workflow. To start a new case, just fill out a Lab Slip and send us your impressions or models.


We can accommodate different care plans depending on your office, most Doctors opt for an economy denture then have a new denture made once the patient has healed. We try to keep our economy denture prices low so this can be an affordable option. A traditional denture can also be made and relined as the patient heals. When you are ready to start your first immediate denture, we can walk you through all the steps so the correct records are made the first time.  View our immediate denture timeline for a recommended workflow.


We have the ability to mill and print dentures. The material quality is still not on par with traditional methods. That makes them a great tool for temporary sets, but when used as a long term solution, they do not hold up. Perhaps in a few years, they will have better material.

We can still use parts of the digital process.  How and where to use this depends on the office and the comfort level of the technology involved.  One great method is using scanners to duplicate an existing denture and use it as a custom tray and initial try in. For more information, please give us a call. 


We offer many solutions for partial dentures. Metal Frames, acrylic, flexbase, and combinations.  Unfortunately, we do not process our own frameworks in-house. Frames that are scanned digitally are printed. For the traditional method, we use Vitallium in the frames. The traditional method offers a better frame. Framework processing adds 2 weeks to lab time. View our metal partial timeline for more information.

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