Rayven Lab

Passion, Purpose, & Process

Our Passion

We have built our lab from the ground up.  Only a business owner understands the amount of energy and sacrifice it takes to build a business.  Through the good and bad years we have always had one focused goal in mind and that is to create and enduring business that has a special relationship with each client.  We love it when we are incorporated as part of your team and spend many hours a week visiting offices, working chair side, and constantly trying to improve our products.

Our Purpose

Our ultimate reward for the time we spend comes from those rare cases when we get to witness the results.  The joy of being part of a life changing moment for another person in rare.  Our industry gives us a chance to experience that feeling more than almost any other job does.  The reward for the hard work and difficult patients is priceless when you witness a patient’s life change.

Our Process

In order to compete with giant lab corporations and foreign imports we have worked hard to streamline our offerings and services.  If you visit our lab you will see instructions and guides on how to pour up a model all the way down to how to properly wrap a denture for shipping.  Our business is artistic in nature, but success is defined by repeating the art consistently in a timely matter.  Our Process guides us on our pursuit of perfection.