Rayven Lab



We offer several discounts to help keep your costs low.

Free Shipping

5% off crowns when you send in more than 50/month,  If you hit 100 crowns/month we take off another 5%.

5% discount for paying monthly bill before due date.

10% discount for Full Digital submissions

Are you thinking of buying a intraoral scanner?  We would love to team up and help you out.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help.

RAYVEN Lab Pricing
Item Turn-around Time /Days in Lab Price
Zirconia Crown 5 Days in Lab $100
Emax Crown 5 Days in Lab $100
Veneers (emax) 5 Days in Lab $100
Custom Abutment 5 Days in Lab Depends on parts
Denture w/Premium teeth 7 Days in Lab $198
Denture w/Basic teeth 7 Days in Lab $148
Denture w/Economy teeth 7 Days in Lab $100
Reline Same Day $95
Repair Same Day $40 & UP
Metal Partial 14 days $260
Resin Partial 7 Days Same as denture
Flexbase Bi 7 Days $200
Flexbase Uni 7 Days $125