Rayven Lab


Economy Dentures

* Diamond D self cure acrylic

* Zdent teeth 3-5 year life

* Perfect for immediate placement

* Replace after healing for better outcomes

* Low Cost

Basic Denture

* Kulzer Basic Teeth 8 Year Life

* Heat Cure Diamond D Acrylic

* Most Popular Option

* Very Affordable Price Point

Premium Denture

* Mondial Premium Teeth 10-12 year life

* Diamond D Heat Cure Acrylic

* Layered Acrylic For Natural Soft Tissue Appearance

* Advanced Gingiva Contours

* Premium Product at Unbelievable Price

Denture Services

We offer a full range of denture services from Metal based partials, flexible partials, and full dentures.  We have years of experience incorporating numerous implant systems into our dentures and can offer almost any product you need.

Complete Dentures

We use a variation of the Staub method for our complete dentures.  To start a case just fill out a Lab Slip and send us your impressions or models.  We will capture the bite reg at the try-in appointment.  Our easy system for making dentures makes it simple to start, try-in, and finish a case.  We use premium Diamond D acrylic and Mondial teeth in our complete dentures.   If you would like more information and training,  contact us and we will walk you through your first case.  Or visit the complete denture timeline for a recommended workflow.

Immediate Dentures

Different offices offer different kinds of immediate dentures.  We can accommodate any way your office works.  Most offices opt for a temp denture and then have a new one made once the patient has healed.  We can process affordable cold cure dentures (made with Diamond D cold cure and NSP teeth) for use as immediates at an affordable price.  If your office makes a quality immediate and then relines instead of making a new one we can do that too.  When you are ready to start your first immediate we can walk you through the steps so the correct records are made the first time.  View our immediate denture timeline for a recommended workflow.

Metal Base Partials

Metal base partials are  the most desired removable to make because of the way they fit and the limited amount of adjusting required if the correct procedures have been followed.  We do not process our own frameworks in-house.  Framework processing adds 2 weeks to lab time.  View our metal partial timelinefor more information.